RCP IP Restriction

Have you ever wanted to restrict content on your site to specific IP addresses or perhaps allow certain IPs to bypass paid subscription requirements? You are in luck! RCP IP Restriction provides control over your content at the IP-level. For those not familiar with Restrict Content Pro, it's a membership and premium content plugin for WordPress developed by Pippin Williamson.

This add-on provides several options that allow you to setup IP whitelisting and blacklisting. Any IP address that is whitelisted will be permitted to view the restricted content without needing to meet the account requirements, and blacklisted addresses will not be permitted to register or view content.

IP whitelisting options can be configured on a global, subscription level, and per-post/page basis, providing flexible restrictions so as to fit the needs for most sites.

New in 1.2.0: IP Restriction now supports IPv6 addresses and wildcards!

The RCP IP Restriction extension provides the following functionality:

  • IP whitelisting at the global, subscription and post levels
  • IP blacklisting (prevents users with blacklisted IPs from subscribing)

Planned features:

  • IP locking – Lock subscriptions to their original IP address


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