From Our Family To Yours

December 25, 2016    

Here at Section214, we’ve had an amazing year this year. It’s been a long road filled with new products, new updates, and new friends, and next year is already shaping up to be even better! At the beginning of 2016, we were almost exclusively a WordPress shop, but in the last 365 days, we’ve grown! We don’t want to give away too many surprises quite yet, but we are working on two…    read more 

Latest Releases & Updates for May 2016

May 12, 2016    

It’s been a busy month for us… and the month is only half over! We have a plethora of improvements, updates and new extensions to announce, so bear with us. Everyone loves free stuff. Don’t deny it! We all know you’d rather get something for free! Well, we love getting things for free too… so we’ve taken five of our commercial plugins off the market and they can now be found for…    read more 

Section214 Settings library updated

December 25, 2015    

Some of you may remember (or even be using) our settings library for WordPress. Well, we just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that it just got a tiny update. Not too much has changed… we’ve added support for the std argument to the multicheck field, and added a nifty new filter, your_plugin_unsavable_tabs. The new filter is super simple, and (in our case) super useful. It’s really just…    read more 

Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2015    

Another year is over, but it’s been a great one! We’ve released an astounding number of new products, had an incredible time at conferences all around the country, and our family has grown! But, as usual, we couldn’t have done it without the help, support, and loyalty of you… our wonderful users and clients. As usual, we’ve got big things in store for the next year… and we want you to be…    read more 

RCP ActiveCampaign Released

November 12, 2015    

We just can’t stop writing extensions for Restrict Content Pro! Just 24 hours after releasing our ConvertKit integration, we’re proud to announce the release of RCP ActiveCampaign! RCP ActiveCampaign allows you to subscribe users to your ActiveCampaign lists on a global or per-subscription-level bases, and automatically synchs user accounts when they are updated on your site. Want more features? Feel free to comment and let us know! We’ve already got a few…    read more 

RCP ConvertKit Released

November 11, 2015    

Hot on the heals of our successful RCP MailChimp Pro extension for Restrict Content Pro, we’re proud to announce the release of our second commercial extension for RCP, RCP ConvertKit! ConvertKit is a relative newcomer to the email marketing game, but it’s already showing some innovative ideas and one of the cleanest interfaces around. Our integration allows you to subscribe users to your ConvertKit campaigns on a global or per-subscription-level bases, and…    read more 

Travis-CI Integration For Sublime Text

November 1, 2015    

Hot on the heels of a post on editors comes the official unveiling of our first ever plugin for Sublime Text! During the time spent reviewing editors, I stumbled across a plugin for Atom that added Travis-CI integration through a nifty little notification in the status bar. Once I’d settled on using Sublime, I was understandably frustrated that it didn’t have an equivalent. So… I thought it was high time I write…    read more 

Editor Wars

November 1, 2015    

In the world of development, the choice of editors is usually a very personal decision. Some people are minimalists, some prefer full-fledged IDEs. Some people insist on advanced syntax highlighting, some prefer good, old-fashioned black on white (or white on black). Not to mention the restrictions that a users’ operating system place on the choice.

RCP MailChimp Pro Released

May 20, 2015    

We’re proud to announce the release of RCP MailChimp Pro! RCP MailChimp Pro is an advanced MailChimp integration plugin for the awesome Restrict Content Pro plugin by Pippin Williamson. Beyond the basic integration, we offer list overrides on a per-subscription-level basis, the option to bypass the traditional double opt-in system, the option to auto-subscribe your users, and integration with the MailChimp E-Commerce 360 platform! Want more features? Feel free to comment and…    read more