Latest Releases & Updates for May 2016

May 12, 2016     Section214    

It's been a busy month for us… and the month is only half over! We have a plethora of improvements, updates and new extensions to announce, so bear with us.

Everyone loves free stuff. Don't deny it! We all know you'd rather get something for free! Well, we love getting things for free too… so we've taken five of our commercial plugins off the market and they can now be found for free in the WordPress plugin repository!

Cardsave, Simplify Commerce, Paylane, and Netbanx Gateways

The four aforementioned payment gateways for Easy Digital Downloads were given a complete overhaul earlier this month and released for free! Updates include an overhaul of their settings, lots of general bug fixes and updates to their API libraries.

If you use (or want to use) any of those gateways… they're up for grabs at the following links (as of the time this post was published, PayLane and Netbanx are not yet live… they will be shortly):

Vero Connect and Connect

Vero and are nifty little marketing platforms that allow you to track various facets of the purchase process and create segment-specific marketing campaigns for your users. Learn more about them or download them now (for free!) at the links below!

Twilio, Clockwork and Clickatell Connect

These three plugins all fall into the notification category. They use various SMS gateways to send you text massages when your products sell. This month, all three received a code audit, were upgraded to use the new EDD settings sections option, and were migrated to our site. If you previously purchased any of these plugins from the main Easy Digital Downloads website, please get in touch and we'll make sure you get added to our system so that we can continue to provide you with support.

EDD Vault

Everyone knows that in the world of marketing, timing is everything. Halloween products don’t get released around Christmas, and few people will go looking for a beach umbrella in the middle of winter. Disney has made the process of rotating products infamous with their vault… now you can quickly and easily rotate your products with EDD Vault!

EDD UserPro Embed

UserPro embed does just what the name says… provides drop-in integration between EDD and UserPro. Simply activate UserPro Embed, and user purchase histories will be automatically displayed in your UserPro profile! If you use EDD, and you use UserPro, this is a plugin you don't want to miss! Get it now!

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