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November 1, 2015     Section214    

Hot on the heels of a post on editors comes the official unveiling of our first ever plugin for Sublime Text! During the time spent reviewing editors, I stumbled across a plugin for Atom that added Travis-CI integration through a nifty little notification in the status bar. Once I'd settled on using Sublime, I was understandably frustrated that it didn't have an equivalent. So… I thought it was high time I write a Sublime plugin!

ST3 Travis-CI is a super simple plugin that adds a nifty notification area to the status bar indicating the current build status of whatever repo is in the active window. If the active file isn't in a git repo, or isn't being run through Travis, it simply doesn't display anything. But what if the Travis integration isn't being done on origin? Got you covered! ST3 Travis-CI includes two useful settings to help facilitate virtually any configuration.

// Set the name of the default remote to retrieve build
// status for. If none is specified, the standard 'origin'
// is used.
//"default_remote": "origin",

// Per-repo settings
// At the moment, the only per-repo setting is the
// 'remote' setting. Allows you to override the default
// remote defined above on a per-repo basis.
//"repos": {
//	"Section214/ST3-Travis-CI": {
//		"remote": "upstream"
//	}

Configuration options are also provided for a number of other things including what should be displayed in both passing and failing states, and custom browser integrations. Browser integrations? Yea… on top of displaying the status, it adds a command to the Sublime command palette which allows you to quickly access the latest build results for a given project.

Think we missed a feature? Got a suggestion for a way to improve ST3 Travis-CI? Let us know! Want to read more? Check out the ST3 Travis-CI product page!

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